What Happened in 1849


Elizabeth Blackwell was the first female doctor in the United States.  It was the year 1849 when she was award her MD.

The President of the United States was James Knox Polk, then Zachary Taylor.


President Polk was the first President to be photographed.


Minnesota became a US Territory

Zachary Taylor refused to be sworn in to office on a Sabbath. He was sworn in the next day.


The Irish Potato famine starves many, while others flee to America.


There’s a break in the levee holding the raging waters of the Mississippi. New Orleans is mostly under water.

St. Louis burns. Steamboat catches fire and burns nearly the entire city.


Ft. Worth TX is founded.

President James Knox Polk. 1795-1849.

John David Pipes was born (email researcher)


First Lady Dolley Madison. 1768-1849.


James Marshall McKendree was born (email researcher)

Edgar Allen Poe. 1809-1849


Crazy Horse is born.

Ongoing or Undated Events

California Gold Rush

Harriett Tubman escaped to Philadelphia

Cholera strikes hard.

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