What Happened In……1890

Misc. Events

US Census records from this year are nearly completely destroyed by fire, then by purposeful destruction in 1921 and 1934.

Comanche, surviving horse from Battle of Little BigHorn, died.
President of the United States: Benjamin HarrisonVice President: Levi P. Morton


Nellie Bly Circled the Globe

United Mine Workers of America Founded

February – March –
A Tornado in Louisville KY kills more than 100

April –



Arthur Stanley Jefferson is born. Better known as Stan Laurel


 Idaho is admitted as the 43rd State

Wyoming is Admitted as the 44th State

Death of Vincent Van Gogh

August-The first electric chair execution is performed at Auburn Prison in New York. Murderer William Kemmler was the first person put to death in this manner.



The Daughters of the American Revolution is founded in Washington DC

Dwight D. Eisenhower was Born


December –

Death of Sitting Bull

Massacre at Wounded Knee

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