New Genealogy Carnivals! Read this, you’ll want to join us!

You now have two Carnivals to choose from at GenLady.

The first is our Where Were You….carnival. I have restarted it. The next edition is due to me by Friday March 22nd. You can get it to me any time that day or before and I’ll get you included. This edition description is: Where were you (your ancestor(s)) during the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. This one may take some creativity on your part, because you may not know exactly what your ancestor was thinking. Tell us about your ancestor (any one alive at that time), What do you think he or she felt about the assassination? Had your ancestor voted for Abraham Lincoln or were they against his views? I’m looking forward to reading your submissions!


The second is a brand new one! The GenLady Genealogy Carnival

This is a random genealogy carnival. Each month there will be a new topic. These are due by the first Friday of each month. Of course, you can submit it any time before that, you don’t have to wait until that day. 😉

Our first edition topic is:

This edition is about religion. Do you have a minister, rabbi or priest in your family? Maybe a nun or a traveling preacher…? Tell us about them, their life and how their chosen profession shaped their life and made them the person they were. (Any religious story is welcome, your ancestor didn’t have to be any of those to be included here.)

I hope to hear from many of you very soon!

Happy Hunting!

Attention Genealogy Bloggers!
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