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I had my DNA done a few years ago at  I love having it there.  I have a pretty much full tree posted and myself tagged so that anyone who matches me can look at my tree and possibly find a match, even if Ancestries Hint system doesn’t catch one.

One thing I find very annoying is when someone has taken the time and money to do a DNA test, but hasn’t posted a tree…or their tree has twelve people.  I don’t understand the reason for this.  Ancestry doesn’t do health reports, so these people are there specifically for their family tree.  The only possible thing I can think of is this;  They don’t want to share with everyone, and they figure they’ll just look at the family trees of others and find the match, usually then not even sharing their information with their matches.

This is very sad, since, as genealogists, we should be willing to share with our cousins.

After going through all pages of matches, I would guesstimate that 75% of my matches have no family tree or an extremely small tree, which makes it impossible to find a match. (I have over 300 pages of matches with 50 per page)

If everyone thinks this way, soon we will have a bunch of matches and absolutely no way of finding out how we connect.

Which brings me to another problem I’ve found…responding to messages.  I have sent messages to all of my 4th cousin or closer matches and have received only a handful of responses.

If you aren’t going to post a tree, and you aren’t going to respond what are you there for?

Oh that’s right…you want to look at my tree.  Well let me tell you something, you’re missing out on a world of information because my tree doesn’t include some documents, pictures and amazing family stories….nor will it ever.  Those are reserved exclusively for those cousins who take the time to contact me or respond to my message.

Please post a tree!  Please respond to messages!  Please contact cousins and get to know them!


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4 Responses to “Ancestry DNA”

  1. May I suggest that you read this article…

  2. Thanks for the link! I”ll check it out today! 🙂

  3. I agree completely. I even have a 2nd cousin match and they won’t reply. Drives me crazy. Especially since I have brick walls

  4. an unknown 2nd cousin! That’s great…but so sad they won’t reply! Good luck to you! 🙂

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