Waverly Hills

Years ago, my grandmother was a TB patient.  She was sent to a place called Waverly Hills to be treated.  This was back in the late 50’s. Now, many claim the building is haunted.  My grandmother doesn’t like to hear that it’s haunted and doesn’t believe it for a second. Here is a little video I […]


What do all of the following people have in common? Charles Berger, Patrick Breen, Margaret Breen, John Breen, Edward Breen, Patrick Breen, Jr., Simon Breen, James Breen, Peter Breen, Isabella Breen, Jacob Donner, Elizabeth Donner, George Donner, Jr., Mary Donner, Isaac Donner, Lewis Donner, Samuel Donner, George Donner, Sr., Tamsen Donner, Elitha Donner, Leanna C. […]