Old Illnesses – II

Today’s Old Illnesses are F – J F Falling sickness = Epilepsy Fatty Liver = Cirrhosis of liver Fits = Sudden attack or seizure of muscle activity. Flux = An excessive flow or discharge of fluid like hemorrhage or diarrhea. Flux of humour = Circulation. French pox = Syphilis G   H Heart sickness = […]

Old Illnesses – I

Todays list of old illnesses are A – E A Ablepsy = Blindness Ague = Malarial Fever American plague = Yellow fever. Anasarca = Generalized massive edema. Aphonia = Laryngitis. Aphtha = The infant disease “thrush”. Apoplexy = Paralysis due to stroke. Asphycsia/Asphicsia =Cyanotic and lack of oxygen. Atrophy =Wasting away or diminishing in size. […]