Scrapbooking 2 – Scrapbooking Our Ancestors

Ok…along the same lines as my last post, we’re going to take another post to discuss scrapbooking.  The difference today?  I’m going to give you suggestions for scrapbooking your ancestors lives. First, decide which ancestor you’re going to scrapbook.  Gather pictures, marriage documents, etc.  Don’t forget that a picture of the field that used to contain the childhood home […]

Preserving Memories in Scrapbooks

Keeping a scrapbook, the common way, isn’t for everyone. All the extras, the lace, the borders, etc. can be overwhelming for many people. I like to scrapbook, I like the extras…sometimes. Then there are those times when I don’t. I know plenty of people who have said they would scrapbook if it didn’t seem so […]